By Mikispink

Black cat’s prophecy

Art in the Age of Aquarius

Thomas Mann believed art stems from isolation and suffering. It’s true, but is it going to remain so in the next two milleniums? Considering the age of Aries, which began in ca. 2150 BC and ended in ca. 1 AD., we see people like Babylonian, Mycenaean and Minoans seemed to appreciate arts about hunting, feasting and battles.We are going from the age of Pisces, the age of compassion, suffering and sacrifice, into the Age of Aquarius, the age of computer, technology, logic, and internet, starting from year 2012. Will arts that have been appreciated in the age of Pisces also be appreciated in the Age of Aquarius? It’s evident that art and music is about to go through another transformation in the next age….

Does anyone begin to be impressed by John cage’s 4’33?